Revolutionising Safety Culture


Leaders of hazardous industries say they care to their colleagues. Yet the reality of safety is too frequently rules, enforcement and bureaucracy. This is highly counter-productive. Workers respond perfectly to this inconsistent treatment: in an unconvinced manner.

A plateau is being reached, in terms of health, safety and wellbeing at work. Some leaders do a better job than others, where the safety and well-being of their people is truly an authentic expression of their leadership. Even for the best leaders, the system trips up their efforts. There is a sense of frustration that our organisations are unsafe.

There is the need for a consistent and holistic approach to health, safety and wellbeing, where systems of organisation match the leadership narrative. Doing so unleashes power and motivation throughout the organisation. Future Conversations is set up to support organisations through this revolution in culture.


Guided support is provided over a nine to eighteen month period to prepare and begin the implementation of an enhanced culture.

Elements include:

  • Understanding the nature, origin and impact of organisational management

  • Demystifying the cause of unproductive and counterproductive behaviours

  • Power dynamics, and their silent affect on people’s health, safety and wellbeing

  • The adoption of a new mindset and approach to organisational life

  • Designing a new organisation operating system, consistent with authentic commitment

  • Engagement of clients and the supply chain