Safety Leadership Services

Your new safety culture

Despite the massive effort which has gone in to safety management and 'Target Zero' initiatives, there is an inevitability about injuries and fatalities at work.  Such events come as no surprise.  Large scale disasters with extensive loss of life are similarly so; those that research them find they are chillingly inevitable.  Even in the 21st Century, and despite the best intentions of many good people, our organisation systems fail to create safe spaces for people.  

I believe this is of no surpirse, as almost every organisation employs an "Old Model of Organisation" without question or consideration.  This 12,000 year old model is designed for the control of people & resources, and to institutionalise power structures.  People submit themselves to the model, in the belief that organisation systems will keep them safe in return for their compliance.  Yet the model itself is corrupted.  Employing the old model inevitably leads to scandals of many types, to fatalities and to major disasters, to incidents being hidden and not reported, to practitioners and operators being blamed for all of these events, and for a failure to learn (which is always cited as a pre-cursor following the next major incident). 

Here at Future Conversations we are committed to a "New Model of Organisation", an organisation model designed in congruence with the principles & processes of human development, with how work is actually carried out when it is done in a safe and productive manner, and with effectiveness being owned throughout an organisation.  This model is designed for the future, and for people and organisations to thrive and grow.  At the heart of the model one finds how people grow, learn and develop.  This is to enable the one thing which appears to always be absent before all major incidents: real organisation learning.  

By considering your existing model of organisation, and how it introduces risk, stress and ineffectiveness to your life and the lives of others, we allow you to make a connection between authority and organisation outcomes.  Bringing consciousness to the old model, and how it drives you and others, brings choice to have things be different in the future.  By considering what a New Model for Organsiaisation looks like you will be able to envision and communicate an organisation culture for your enterprise, one which will truly inspire you and the other people in your business to excel on an entirely new level.     

Inspirational talks & interactive events

Highlighting the risks which lie dormant in your organisation, how to spot them, and how to address them

Understanding power dynamics, and their silent affect on people’s safety and their engagement in the organisation

Demystifying the root causes of unproductive and counterproductive behaviours

Developing leadership & communication skills, and your management team’s ability to inspire and engage the people working with them

Supporting supervisors to achieve maximum effectiveness and maximum buy-in with their people

Developing the sense of operatives, supervisors, managers and executives as one team

Understanding the link between leadership, operational excellence and excellence in safety

People leaving with a clear sense of how to impact organisation excellence and safety

Safety leadership advisor

Guided support over a nine to twelve month period to assess, design and begin implementation of an enhanced organisation culture.  Support for the leadership team wishing to develop a culture of excellence and safety.

Key elements include:

  • Understanding current safety culture
  • Appreciating the impact of individual (and team) leadership preferences and style
  • Aligning organisation and individual purpose
  • Developing unique and differentiating business practices, processes and products/services
  • Increasing emotional intelligence and leadership organisation wide
  • Improving well-being and the ability to talk about well-being issues across the business
  • Increasing engagement across the organisation and supply chain, with greater voluntary commitment to organisation goals
  • Heightened morale, trust and belief in the future
  • Setting the foundation for heightened organisation results