Ideally I work with organisations who can see the limits of the command and control approach to organisational life.  With leaders who understand their position gives them power, their role is to provide clarity and inspiration, but their company's performance actually depends on the power and agency of others.  They understand that it is others who control the quality, delivery and effectiveness of their organisation.  

I specialise in supporting individuals and organisations who want to be purpose led, to decentralise ownership and control, and empower people.  Ultimately, they want to allow their people to express and employ their true selves at work.  They know that providing people with the psychological safety to be themselves at work is what drives peak performance.  Having researched why organisations fail (and succeed), leadership development and peak performance for 25 years, it is the conclusion I have come to also.  

I develop bespoke programmes for companies wishing to make such a transition, or who want to elevate communication, effectiveness or teamwork.