Why do business strategies fail...?

This video summarises why business strategies and change efforts often fail: people and cultures are the deciding factors in whether they are successfully executed or not.

It is fair to say others fail because leaders don't turn their visions and missions in to useful and aligned upon plans!

The video prompts us to ask:

  • Are people properly involved, acknowledged or understood in the creation of the strategy?

  • Does the organisation have the culture, and do people have the values required, to deliver on the strategy?

  • How difficult is a strategy to implement, what behaviour is going to have to change?

  • Is the strategy written by external consultants, or owned by the people who are going to deliver it?

  • Do the values of the people in the organisation reflect those inherent in the direction that the business leaders want to take it?

  • Does the strategy reflect the fact that to be delivered, the people in the organisation need to engage and own it? And they won't just because you tell them to.