Courage, Learning and a Request for Leaders in Construction

I have a request for those who see themselves as leaders in the industry. To change what needs to be changed. I do not profess to know all those things, but you know what there is for you to do. My request is you do whatever it takes to change what needs to change. To face the darkness and difficulty involved, and to not give up or give in. To face the fears and challenges which will arise as you do so. 

Are we failing? It begins in the little things.

"How did you know something was wrong?" This is what executives and people who care about safety in their workplaces ask me.

They are asking, how could I tell something was wrong with the Grenfell Tower improvement works? I wrote to the Project Manager early on during the works in March of 2015, "The proposed design solutions for Grenfell Tower need reconsideration...