Future Conversations

David Collins has worked with thousands of Executive Teams and Leaders over the last 20 years to align their purpose with their organisational goals.  By working through tried and tested programmes they have expanded their results, and increased their experience of joy and satisfaction at work.  Achieving greater results with more efficiency and ease has allowed them the time to focus on family and creating memories that  will last forever.        

David Collins set up Future Conversations in 2006.  Future Conversations help organisations and individuals to achieve peak performance by understanding their perception and purpose, leaving clients better able to choose, create and deliver the cultures, systems, and results they really want.  

Benefits have included:

  • reducing business costs by a multiple of three within 12 months
  • increasing sales conversion 
  • reductions in employee safety incidents 
  • moving from worst to best performing company in the industry
  • less absenteeism, sick days, etc 
  • wider strategic and tactical options
  • quicker and more effective implementation of decisions
  • increased engagement in the workplace
  • raised self-awareness / emotional awareness


Often individuals and organisations feel more is possible and yet they do not have their hands on how to make that happen.  David gets to the heart of the human factors which drive culture, behaviour and performance.  When clients change these drivers, what is possible expands.