I was chairman of the residents’ group at Grenfell Tower until the end of October 2016.  I felt something bad would need to happen before those responsible for the building woke up.  

Having observed the response over the last year I feel I now understand why disasters, scndals and other crises are inevitable.  I feel I have to do something about this.  I have a passion to help others to learn from the tragedy, for good to come from it.  

I am particularly interested to work with people in industry who want to learn the culture & leadership lessons from Grenfell, and to improve their organisation's performance at the same time.     

With 25 years experience in organisational design, leadership, business and safety, I know that organisations can be safer, more efficient and better places to work - simultaneously.  I deliver talks & interactive events, training for business leaders, and strategic initiatives.  



Towards a new model of safety

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Achieving peak performance

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