Welcome to Future Conversations. My name is David Collins, I am working on two things:

  1. Revolutionising safety, health & well-being in organisations

  2. Revolutionising the way we work

After 25 years exploring why organisations fail or succeed, consulting in the UK and internationally with tens of thousands of people, and being intimately involved at Grenfell Tower as chairman of the residents’ group I came to a conclusion: the way we organise does not work.

There is an alternative, which is better for people, more effective and productive, better for mental health and overall well-being, and safer too. It is proven to involve lower costs and to generate greater return on investment.

Future Conversations is set up to support business leaders who want to bring such a methodology to their organisation, and those responsible for safety and well-being who wish to re-energise their organisation’s effort in this area.

You may be interested to learn the culture & leadership lessons from Grenfell, and what differentiates failing from winning in organisations. Ultimately, you wish to improve your organisation's performance at the same time as your people have the best experience of work they possibly could.   



Towards a new model of safety

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Achieving peak performance

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