Welcome to Future Conversations. After 25 years exploring why organisations fail, and consulting extensively in the UK and internationally, I came to a conclusion: the way we organise does not work. It is bureaucratic, inefficient, stifling and controlled.

My name is David Collins and I help organisations adopt “New Model” mindsets and ways of working. Part of this is to enable self-directed organisations achieve flow state. The outcome is leaders getting themselves, their organisations, and their teams further than they ever thought possible.

In our programmes we help people explore how to lead and structure their organisations fearlessly. We can do so fearlessly because the alternative models are more effective and productive, better for mental health and overall well-being, and safer too.

In part, it was my experience at Grenfell Tower, as chairman of the residents’ group before the fire, which had me define why organisations fail and how to make them truly successful. Future Conversations supports business leaders who want to re-energise their organisation’s effort in the area of safety and well-being at work too.

You may be interested to implement a truly inspiring self-management structure, to learn the leadership lessons from Grenfell, to understand what the precursors to organisation failure are, or to avoid such a failure in your own organisation or team. Ultimately, you will wish to improve your organisation's performance whilst keeping the people in your organisation at its heart.   



Towards a new model of safety

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Achieving peak performance

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