We get leaders, their organisations, and their teams further than they ever thought possible. We support leaders in a fearless adventure.

After 25 years researching why organisations fail or succeed, we found the most successful business leaders design their companies so they and others can be their true selves at work. These people see how to get the best from themselves and others. They have a new way of looking at business: we call it a “New Model” mindset.

Adopting a “New Model” mindset and structure re-energises your business and its people. The results are remarkable: increased effectiveness and productivity; the approach is better for mental health, safety and well-being too. For instance:

  • 300% increase in productivity

  • 40% reduction in overhead

  • greater employee engagement

In part, it was my own personal experience at Grenfell which had me have to understand how and why many organisations fail: I call the reason the “Old Model” of business. It’s inefficient by nature, it demotivates people, and is stifling for many. I believe we can do much better in how we organise work.

You may be interested to develop a truly inspiring self-managing organisation, or to better understand the precursors of organisation failure (and avoid it). Ultimately, you will wish to improve your organisation's performance, whilst keeping the people in your business at its heart.   



Towards a new model of safety

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Achieving peak performance

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