I was chairman of the residents’ group at Grenfell Tower until the end of October 2016.  I felt something bad would need to happen before those responsible for the building woke up to their accountabilities and the effect of their leadership.  

Having observed the response over the last year I now believe there will be more disasters before many people in numerous settings wake up to their responsibilities. I feel I have to do something about it, and I have a passion to help others to learn from the tragedy, for good to come from it.  

I am particularly interested to work with industry organisations, with people who want to learn the culture & leadership lessons from Grenfell and improve their organisation's performance.  To support them identify risks in their own organisations, risks to which they may be blind.   

With 25 years experience in organisational design, leadership, business and safety, I know that organisations can be safer, more efficient and better places to work - simultaneously.  

I deliver talks & interactive events, culture assessments, and advise teams in transformational leadership.  If you would like to know more please complete the contact box below.



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